Question from the Barcelona Course

The Museum Mediators course at the University of Barcelona involved museum professionals from all over Spain.

Museum Mediators Course session in Estonia

The Museum Mediators course was organized by the National Estonian Museum and the sessions took place in Tartu and Tallin. It involved an average of 25 Museum Education professionals from all fields.

Museum Mediators Course session in Lisbon

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian was the host of the Museum Mediators Course in Lisbon. The last session was organized by the National Museum of Archaeology team in their beautiful building.

Museum Mediators Course session in Rome

The Museum Mediators Course was organized in January, by ECCOM, in Rome, at The Mercati di Traiano - Museo dei Fori Imperiali. It involved more than twenty Museum Education and Mediation professionals from all across Italy.

Museum Mediators course in Denmark

The Museum Mediators course in Denmark was held at the Danish Center for Art and Interculture headquarters, a creative hub in Copenhagen.


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case studies

Learn more about interesting museum mediation projects and concepts in Portugal, Itally, Spain and Estonia.

“It was a pleasure to be a part of an international knowledge sharing community such as museum mediators. All presenters displayed a unique and inspiring passion for their field and made great efforts to connect with participants and understand their professional contexts.”

Museum Mediators European Network


Tanya Lindkvist | Denmark

Curator and Head of Learning and Education at Sorø Kunstmuseum (Sorø Art Museum) in Sorø, Denmark. Lindkvist has many years’ experience in the development and management of art-based museum programmes...


Siiri Ries | Estonia

My dream museum is: My dream museum would be active, talkative to the people, suprising, professional in every aspect (numismatic, monetary policy, pedagogical programs, marketing, communication, program planning etc). Both...


Célia Machado | Portugal

My dream museum is: A community open museum. Something like Museo del Barrio in NY. One of my favorite projects is: ARTISTICA-MENTE, an art educational project developed in two oposite...


Isabella Serafini | Italy

My dream museum is: A Museum in which an interdisciplinary team of people works together thinking to the best practices to follow to get people nearer to the world of...


Damaris Cuevas | Italy

My dream museum is: a laboratory museum where every person that go through create his own opera. One of my favorite projects is: the projects that you came express your...


Janet Laidla | Estonia

My dream museum is: The Tartu Old Observatory (with the astronomers house, the gallery and the pavilions renovated). This is the museum I dream about night and day at the...


Reimo Rehkli | Estonia

My dream museum is: A Museum with people! One of my favorite projects is: Museum Night event and open lectures. With these activities I really feel that museum matters to...


Luize-Ingrid Klimova | Estonia

My dream museum is: AHHAA One of my favorite projects is: “AHHAA-õpe” (educational programme of Science Centre AHHAA) – an educational program developed from scratch by our own team. School-day...


Janine Sprünker Cardó | Spain

My dream museum is: I am thinking about it. I will write it at the book One of my favorite projects is: 3c4learning Museia research group (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)...