My dream museum is:

I am thinking about it. I will write it at the book :-)

One of my favorite projects is:


Museia research group (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) designed an Action research project called 3C4learning. It began in September 2008 and ended in December 2009. It comprised three researcher, three teachers and their students of secondary schools and four cultural managers.

The cultural managers and the teachers carried out their respective functions and became also researchers together with the other three. Each teacher with their students and a cultural manager formed an on-line community. There were three virtual communities: Archaeological Park Mines of Gava community (PAMG community), Patum Museum community (Patum community) and Fàbrica de les Arts Roca Umbert community (FA community). These actors became user and co-producers of digital objects with heritage contents.

 The results form part of the “Educació patrimonial mitjançant recursos educatius en línia amb contingut de patrimoni cultural i xarxes d’aprenentatge” (Heritage education using on-line educational resources with cultural heritage and learning network content, Sprünker, 2011) doctoral thesis.


More about me:

Janine Sprünker Cardó

PhD Information and Knowledge Society (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

Professor of Escola de Llengües (UOC)

Researcher of Museia research group (UOC)


Where the photo was taken: Central Park New York

Photographer / year: Joan Pera Gallemí/ 2008


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