2013-10-07 museum mediators (3)

My dream museum is:

Museum as a place of remembrance and peace.

One of my favorite projects is:

One of my favourite project is an artist-residency program that was launched in Párkány, on the Slovak side of the Slovak-Hungarian border in 2004. The project was inspired by the reconstruction of the Mária Valéria bridge in 2001. The program uses the symbol of the bridge and encourages artistic manifestations that focus on the uniting of people and on the harmonization of human relations. The so-called “Bridge-guard” artists during their few months staying create works with the involvement of the local children, that encourage the development of “mental bridges” between people from different cultures, different age groups. If these connections are assured and well protected, then the iron bridge – and all what it means – is not in danger by further destructions.

More about me:

I work at Mapa das Ideias. I’m a researcher and project manager.

I live in Lisbon, Portugal.

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