My dream museum is:

A participative one, enhancing creation and fostering culture re-elaboration and interpretationby different people.

One of my favorite projects is:

Chronos, a transmedia project for kids with drama, an app and printed material in the Museo Naval, Madrid. Captain Telmo is a time traveller, a little prince sharing steampunk and manga aesthetics, who creates dialogue with kids, educators and historical characters!  For almost three years I have enjoyed releasing this project in a wonderful museum that hosts the first map of the world where America is represented (Juan de la Cosa´s Chart). Being a long-term project, I´ve been able to deal with a wide range of stories and children. It´s been rewarding seeing them enjoy the activities and learn.  We had six different workshops with a dramatised tour, then a game (puzzles and trivial in teams) and a craft. At the game we realized of the great attention children usually pay.   I loved too working with actors, designers and curators.   Then Samsung selected our project to be turned into an app and we´ve learnt a lot working on it.

More about me:

Dolores Galindo, periodista, especialista en Guiones Históricos Audiovisuales y doctorando en Antropología Visual. Áreas de interés en las que he desarrollado proyectos: alfabetización audiovisual, narrativa, documental.



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